JCGB has put together and cataloged its collection of books in the Swadhyay Center. Members can borrow the books for swadhyay. For your convenience, please read the following instructions before taking library books:
Every book in the Swadhyay Center has been listed in a master inventory list by assigning a unique number according to its title. All books have been organized on the shelves alphabetically. For example, "Bhaktambar-Stotra" book is listed as HB 06 - 01/Sh 01. This means the following: H - Hindi Book; B 06 - Sixth Title starting with alphabet B; 01- First Copy; Sh 01 - Shelf Number where book is kept.


When taking a book home for swadhyay, please provide the following information in the Register:

  • Your Name and Telephone Number.
  • Date on which book is being checked out.
  • Title/Name of the Book and its complete number.

When returning the book, please do one of the following:

  • Place the book in the returning box OR
  • Place the book in the appropriate shelf by using the unique book number found on the book. In this case, please strike your name from the Register for the returned book.

If you would like to donate new books to the Swadhyay Center, please drop the books in the box.

Thank you for your cooperation and help!

Exposition of Pratikramana Stotra

Please click here to download the pdf explaining Pratikaman Stotra.